October 01, 2012

Telangana march- a first hand account

I planned to reach the march venue early. However, I ran into an unexpected traffic jam as the cops shut down the Punjagutta overpass forcing a detour via Ameerpet. I parked on the Minister Road and walked around 2 km to reach the venue.

My wife (who has never attended any political meeting) wanted to join me at the march. I advised her to stay back suspecting (rightly as it turned out) the long walk & standing for hours (and the unexpected drenching) would be tough on her.

There were people everywhere by 3.15 PM when I reached. The streets were lined on both sides with vehicles, most of which carried a flag and were pasted with stickers declaring their affiliation. Thousands of people were walking towards the venue stopping once in a while to shout slogans. The coordination of these "marchers" was pretty good considering some of them were carrying large flags or banners.

The stage was already overcrowded. I estimated the crowd at around 200,000 people.

The first 30-45 minutes was a comedy of errors. Apart from a couple of speeches, this time was mostly spent in appealing to folks (activists aligned to various groups) to leave the stage. Nothing seemed to work, not even the threat the stage will collapse! Prof. Kodandaram climbed down and asked others to do so: not a soul followed him! Gaddar mixed his appeal with a song but to no effect. Eventually they settled down to some kind of a compromise realizing they will never get rid of all the folks "occupying" the stage.

The crowd on the other hand was much more disciplined than the "stage occupiers". Though there were hardly any volunteers to manage the crowd, most people refrained from jostling or sudden movements. Hundreds of people watched from the nearby rooftops. Some guys climbed a generator van. Others tried to occupy vantage positions for a ring side view. My height enabled me to get a clear view as long as I stood up.

The mood was mostly festive with good natured interactions. People treading on others' feet apologized with a smile & a traditional gesture. There was a lot of animosity in the air but none directed at neighbors.

The crowd was mostly male with a sprinkling of women & children. I saw several well dressed English/Hindi speaking couples. One man was accompanied by three little kids tagging along on his motor cycle. There were other families with kids dressed in masks.

The dress codes ranged from traditional to modern and all the way in the middle. An old man looking like Anna Hazare wore a "Gandhi topi" inscribed with Jai Telangana. Groups like TNF & TPF wore T-shirts with slogans. A group of people called "Hyderabadis for Telangana" wore  garlands made with placards printed on A4 sheets. A man on the stage painted himself a-la-mode Gandhi. A boy from the Telangana Sree Vaishnava Sangham was in traditional attire including "pilaka" and "adda bottu". Advocates in black declared their professional allegiance as did miners in hard hats and doctors in white & wearing a stethoscope.

CPI, BJP & TRS flags dominated the crowd. TNGO, New Democracy etc. were quite visible too. I counted a couple of dozen parties, JAC's & associations including those like SCRMU that I was not aware of. Some wore "kanduva" or scarves declaring their affiliation.

The crowd's reception to speeches did not appear to be related to their politics. My BJP & CPI neighbors responded vigorously to Vimalakka, Komatireddy & Nagam.

I mingled with the crowd and spoke to several people. Many had come from the districts in groups while the singles & couples were mostly from the city. Everyone was motivated by their own enthusiasm. This surely is no "hired crowd".

The folks from the districts were distributed packets of tamarind rice & water (not biryani & toddy as some may like to conjecture) The distribution was controlled by the group leader in each case.

Several vendors roamed the grounds selling nuts, tea & water. A middle aged women selling nuts was animatedly declaring her support for Telangana by "this is my land". When the cultural troupe started singing, the vendor stopped her sales and broke into a dance.

There were banners everywhere including an "Occupy" banner. A few men & women put up temporary stands to explain their views (e.g. Andhra-Telangana cultural differences) or distribute pamphlets (e.g. Telangana march- why & how)

The speeches were mixed. Some speakers were received extremely well with frequent claps while others wrapped up their speech on a low key note. Actor Narayana Murthy succeeded in getting the crowd give the "Jai Telangana, Jai Andhra" slogan. Gaddar spoke briefly, administered an oath and was about to sign off when Balkishen forced him to sing a few lines.

Kiran, Dinesh Reddy & T-ministers (in that order) were picked up for criticism. Narasimhan, Sonia & Chandrababu were targeted by fewer speakers. Except for Balkishen's rhetoric on a couple of occasions and Nagam saying "we did not give permission for COP" the speeches were balanced without unduly harsh language.

There was palpable anger when those injured in police lathi charge came on to the stage. However it was all pretty much under control.

Srinivas Goud managed the show quite well. He kept acknowledging the contribution of other stakeholders by name. Balkishen did a good job when given the mike. Sandhya too intervened a few times. The MC's overall did a good job.

The doctors of the Medical JAC did a good job of taking care of the injured. Sigma Hospitals & their ambulance staff deserve special credit for their role.

The crowd responded vigorously whenever the aerial surveillance helicopters showed up. Some shook their fists while others "warned" the chopper with their index finger. The speakers appeared to catch this sentiment and used it well. The second time around, some waved their footwear while a few gave the finger.

By around 5.50 PM, it started to drizzle. I started walking back but could not beat the rain. I took shelter outside an Irani cafe with hundreds of others.

A shopkeeper on Minister Road told me he did a great business today. Surprisingly (or probably not) neither did the vendors overcharge nor the "mob" try to freeload.

My wife called me to find the status as there was a media blackout. I said I will brief her when I get home shortly.

PS: I lost my wallet in the last political meeting I attended. No such thing happened this time around.


  1. Thanks for sharing your first hand experiences. I could not attend myself being located abroad but I followed the whole course from various channels.

    A big appalaus to Kodandaram sir for his efforts in making such a big gathering.Several bodies of the JAC have worked in coordination to make the event successful.

    Police not allowing OU students to rally and use bullets and tear gas was unfortunate. Looking at the situation OU students should have reached venue one by one instead of insisting on rallying.

    1. Viswaroop, most other rallies including a big one by KTR were permitted. This being the case, I am surprised (actually I am not) why the khatmals picked only the students for "special treatment".

  2. I too have attended the march. Since my house is nearby in Begumpet, I managed to come across the railway track, through wall opened near the stage. I was standing along side the pavement. My wife accompanied with me. Also couple of my friends and their families accompanied us.

    Since we were standing very near to the stage, near the tree, we could find at leat a dozen of our acquaintances and relatives from the towns we shared the food brought with them. Although we were psychologically ready to any kind of problems, the event was totally peaceful, except the violent incidents on the back side of the stage.

    At 7pm, there was a small drizzle and we left the spot thinking that the march is over. But on reaching home, I relented for that when Kadandaram announced an indefinite stay. Though I considered that as a hasty move, thought I could participate for some more time.

    Regarding Osmania incidents, I too think that the students should be more innovative. For the past 3 years the same scene is repeating again and again. If the things are not conducive, the should have singled out and moved as individuals and formed a rally some other place.

    It is time they behave like true Generals and take the movement in their hands. Telagana movement needs them.

    1. Srikanth, thanks for sharing your experience. What were the incidents backstage? I ask because I did not notice any.

      Regarding the OU students, there is a concerted effort to paint them as villains for the last 3 years. This propaganda suits the authorities well. This will continue (or intensify further) even if the students change their tactics.

    2. Jai,
      I too never get a chance to peek the backstage. All the time I stood near the tree before the stage. Kodandaram was constantly warning us not to go backstage and urging the people backstage to come forward.

      Permission was given up to Jalavihar during the talks with JAC and cong ministers, but later modified by Police unilaterally (with the influence of seemandhra lobbies) up to PV Memorial only. Obviously the police were constantly driving the people standing backstage using tear gas. The irritated mobs burnt couple of police vehicles as well.

  3. Email from Sudhir Reddy:

    We ,members of telangana industrialists federation (TIF) &some andhra industrialists went in a rally from prof Jayashankar statue at I D A cherlapally well in advance.Distributed 20,000 refreshments & 50,000 water packs to the needy.we were there till 7 pm & moved to one of friends place nearby ,waiting for a call from JAC for any help in case of an overnight stay at the venue. As expected we were told to arrange food & we could arrange some.

  4. Looking at the turn out despite huge restrictions, I felt timing of rally was wrong. It is needless to say that the government is in fix over allowing the rally between Nimajjan and COP. TJAC should had planned a meeting rather than march before Nimajjan or after CoP. Say in LB Stadium on the lines of Mahagarjana by TRS in Warangal. The turn out could have been no less than 15 lakhs. Such gathering in Hyderabad would have brought greater focus to the issue in the national media.
    TJAC missed a great opportunity.

    1. Anon, after 2009 the Govt. has never permitted any rally in Hyderabad. The few that were held (e.g. the medical rally presided over by Sushma Swaraj) were through HRC intervention.

    2. Forget rallies, the state government is not permitting Bathukamma from past 3 years. Telangana JAgruthi is filing a petition in High Court to get permission from last 3 years.

      This is the status of Telangana in AP!

    3. Dileep, occupation forces do not ever allow anything. We need to fight every inch to make any headway.

  5. The blogpost dispels the propaganda that Telangana cause is the creation of politically unemployed and the support is being "bought" or hapless youths are being "misguided".

    Telangana is now people's movement and people "know" what exactly they're supporting.

    However, the bungling over Telangana by the UPA's leadership driven purely by considerations of political self-preservation is criminal !

    [visited this blog via your comments in Parakala garu's blog]

    1. Madhav, the seed of the movement has always been the people's aspirations. The transformation is almost complete now with the T-march. No one seemed to be missing the speeches of KCR, Kishen Reddy, Harish Rao, CPI Narayana etc.

  6. Friends, I am pleased to inform you this post has been reposted by Mission Telangana at http://missiontelangana.com/telangana-march-a-first-hand-account/

  7. My comment on Parakala's blog on the "Adusumilli elevator capacity" theory:

    Otis Elevator Company is the world leader of vertical transportation systems.

    I spent 10 minutes going through the specifications of their products sold in the Indian market. The results are summarized below:

    Home - 3 persons-850 X 1,200 mm i.e. 10.9 square feet yielding 3.6 square feet per person
    Vector - 5 persons-1,170 X 800 mm i.e. 9.9 square feet yielding 2.0 square feet per person
    Vector - 6 persons-1,170 X 920 mm i.e. 11.4 square feet yielding 1.9 square feet per person
    Vector - 8 persons-1,300 X 1,080 mm i.e. 15.1 square feet yielding 1.9 square feet per person
    Essentia - 5 persons-1,020 X 910 mm i.e. 9.9 square feet yielding 2.0 square feet per person
    Essentia - 6 persons-1,020 X 1,010 mm i.e. 10.9 square feet yielding 1.8 square feet per person
    Optimus - 6 persons-1,200 X 910 mm i.e. 11.7 square feet yielding 2.0 square feet per person
    Optimus - 8 persons-1,300 X 1,100 mm i.e. 15.5 square feet yielding 1.9 square feet per person
    Optimus - 10 persons-1,350 X 1,300 mm i.e. 18.9 square feet yielding 1.9 square feet per person
    Optimus - 13 persons-2,000 X 1,100 mm i.e. 23.8 square feet yielding 1.8 square feet per person
    Quantum - 8 persons-1,300 X 1,100 mm i.e. 15.5 square feet yielding 1.9 square feet per person
    Quantum - 10 persons-1,350 X 1,300 mm i.e. 18.9 square feet yielding 1.9 square feet per person
    Quantum - 13 persons-2,000 X 1,100 mm i.e. 23.8 square feet yielding 1.8 square feet per person
    Quantum - 16 persons-2,000 X 1,300 mm i.e. 28.4 square feet yielding 1.8 square feet per person
    Quantum - 20 persons-2,000 X 1,550 mm i.e. 33.7 square feet yielding 1.7 square feet per person
    GeN2Comfort - 5 persons-1,000 X 950 mm i.e. 10.2 square feet yielding 2.0 square feet per person
    GeN2Comfort - 6 persons-1,000 X 1,100 mm i.e. 11.9 square feet yielding 2.0 square feet per person
    GeN2Comfort - 8 persons-1,100 X 1,300 mm i.e. 15.5 square feet yielding 1.9 square feet per person
    GeN2Comfort - 9 persons-1,100 X 1,450 mm i.e. 17.3 square feet yielding 1.9 square feet per person
    GeN2Comfort - 10 persons-1,100 X 1,600 mm i.e. 18.7 square feet yielding 1.9 square feet per person
    GeN2Comfort - 13 persons (D)-1,100 X 2,000 mm i.e. 23.8 square feet yielding 1.8 square feet per person
    GeN2Comfort - 13 persons (W)-1,600 X 1,350 mm i.e. 22.9 square feet yielding 1.8 square feet per person
    GeN2Comfort - 15 persons-1,000 X 2,400 mm i.e. 26.1 square feet yielding 1.7 square feet per person

    The web side did not provide specifications for a few products. That may not matter as the above data is enough for a reasonable analysis.


    1. Elevators are built assuming square feet/person ratios between 1.7-2.0
    2. The only exception is the home elevator used in bungalows, private villas & penthouses. Even this is 3.6 square feet/person: apparently even the super rich folks don't want the 4 square feet luxury space recommended by Adusumilli
    3. Adusumilli's 16 square feet/4 persons capacity elevator does not seem to exist
    4. Otis is a handmaid of the rabid separatists bent upon destroying Telugu unity :)

  8. Why such a long post?Adusumilli may have been wrong by a factor of 2 that still makes the calculations of gathering at most 60,000.Please comment on that. No puprose is served by 'randhranveshana'

  9. Why such a long post?Adusumilli may have been wrong by a factor of 2 that still makes the calculations of gathering at most 60,000.Please comment on that. No puprose is served by 'randhranveshana'

    1. Bharadwaja, the "wrongs" add up. By "configuring" all parameters by a factor of one's choice, you can get any number you want.

      Adusumilli's approach is fundamentally wrong. Firstly, he equates constrained areas with open spaces, goes on to choose the most constrained form (elevator), then imagines his own elecator size & capacity without even looking up documentation.

      Parakala's attempts are equally pathetic. The decibel content of his posts on this subject are in reverse proportion to the quality of his "analysis". For instance he claims Sonee Food Court as the outer limit of the crowd with no support for his claim. His "photo-synthesis" would make any self respecting GIS professional cringe. Yet he goes on & on about his "method" with assumed bravado.

      The so called randhranveshana was started by motivated individuals like Parakala & Adusumilli.

    2. Your explanation would have been OK if Adusumilli was trying to predict the constrained space occupancy based on open space data ..but it was the otherway around.Please don't bring in the issue of Sonnee food point here and divert the discussion..It was not in your analysis of sq.ft/person data of elevators and I want to limit my comment to sq.ft per person only.You made a big issue out of a difference of 2 sq.ft and 4 sq.ft as if that would have put the gathering to lakhs.That is what I found to be surprising.

    3. You have it the other way round. A constrained space places far greater restrictions on movement than an open space does. It is obvious that an open space can accomodate far more people. Please check your thought process again.

      As I said, the various "wrongs" add up. You are free to ignore the other "mistakes" these "scholars" did if you like.

      My thrust is not about the factual correctness of the "elevator model" or other "methods" used by these gentlemen. Their methodology selection is wrong and so their application of the method.

      "If you don't know what your numbers represent, no number will help": Watts Humphrey.

    4. Wrongs not only add up but some times cancel out each other too.This is because Parakala used some generous estimates too!
      You are right in saying that a constrained space places far greater restrictions on movemnets.That obviously means the packing density of a constrained place is far greater than that of an open space.( Otherwise where else do you get the freedom of movement from? The envelopnig emptiness offres that freedom!)The gathering must have clapped many times during the speeches and do you think if all the persons in a crowded lift would be able to clap?
      People in lifts crowded to the maximum capacity are generally more comfortable leaning on the enclosing walls on three sides.In open space you have no such facility.
      Some times people end up with right answers even after employing wrong methodology.Don't you think that really happenned here?

    5. Bharadwaja,

      Two mistakes do cancel out each other sometimes but that is not the case here.

      The formula used here is Count= Area * Density. By underestimating both factors, you can in no way cancel out the errors. The impact is in fact multiplicative.

      The "elevator method" is prima facie faulty. On top of that, Adusumilli chose to dream up his numbers instead of looking them up.

      Please remember both these guys (or possibly you) are not eye witnesses to the event. Reality does not play out the way armchair thinkers like to dictate.

    6. I still can not follow your line of reasoning.
      A constrained place packs more people in a given area.People in lift are so constrained they can not clap..People in open space have sufficient space around them and thus are able to clap This clearly shows that basing the calculations on the packing density of lift gives an inflated estimate of gathering.So as an arm chair thinker , I consider density assumed is not far from reality.Definitely it is not underestimated.
      The next one is area.Please clarify where the underestimation took place..
      1..a) In the length..b) in the width c) in both .You may give your own estimates of these parameters for the benefit of non-eyewitness arm-chair thinkers.

    7. Bharadwaja, two points on the "elevator" argument.

      1. You believe a constrained area yields greater density than an open area. You are ignoring the "peripheral clearance" that reduces the "area available".

      2. Adusumilli's elevator is a figment of his imagination. As I show above, Otis does not follow his dictates. All elevators except the one catering to private homes are designed for double his imagined capacity.

      Regarding the area, my approximate locations are:

      Stage: 17°26'12.10"N, 78°28'25.10"E
      Cutoff: 17°26'1.10"N, 78°29'1.30"E

      The "crow flying distance" between these two points is 1.12 km or 3,676 feet.

      The width varies between 120-300 feet on this stretch. This includes "shoulder", footwalks etc.

    8. I did not ignore the peripheral clerance.I already mentioned that people in a crowded lift lean heavily against the walls on the three sides.Thus if you place a number of lifts side by side (in a grid )and remove the walls then people would have to press against each other and would be more uncomfortable and this situation in a open area would lead to people in the fringes getting pushed out
      and thus they would spread out.This results in people occupying more area than in constrained lifts defying your dictates.
      Next about the length and width.My knowledge about GIS does not go beyond the expansion and so I would not like to make any comment on the coordinates you specified even while sitting in the arm-chair.
      Would you mind if I refer part of this conversation to some other arm-chair experts?

  10. @Bharadwaja:

    You believe peripheral clearance helps increase the density of an enclosed space. I submit you are wrong about this.

    Taking your own example, the elevator walls are rigid and offer limited flexibility. I saw several instances of people in the fringes "almost pushed out" at the march. Stepping on each other's toes (and apologizing) seemed to be common.

    You can feed the coordinates I gave in Google Earth and check for yourself.

    Please feel free to refer this to anyone. I welcome all views as long as they relate to the subject of the post.

  11. Jai,

    you completely vanished from Chakravarty's blog. Instead you posting uncontested claims on Mission Telangana (MT). MT does not allow even simple points in the name of moderation....
    Also it seems to be the only and last T site with regular updates. Is it not worthwhile the bloggers allowed a decent debates instead of one-sided allegations and misconception?

    1. Dear Anon,

      So busy these days that I am seeing my own blog only once in a few days.

      I checked in on Chakravarthy's blog but notice several new posts. There are questions I need to answer but not sure if anyone is still following the old trail. Maybe later.

      I only posted a couple of comments on MT in the last few weeks. One of these relates to the fact that Chakravarthy did not counter my rejoinders (not "untested claims" as you term). The other comment relates to TRS's foolish tactics in admitting every Tom, Dick & Harry.

      I have no control over MT and its moderation/comments. If you post these at my blog (with a prefix "comment rejected by MT"), I will publish them if it fits my comment policy.

  12. Jai,

    just yet another master piece by Capt. Lingala Panduranara reddy on "The truth about who designed the Indian National Flag". After reading the post and comments by regulars soonya and vijayashree one is bound to suspect the mental state of T-proponents and followers. The theory can be shattered in 15 mins of internet search. Yet the writer and followers chose to rant on it. You know well MT is the only active T-website but it 'moderates' comments. I request you to advise MT not publish such stuff. VMS may use it question intellect of Telangana movement.

    1. @Anon: As far as I know, Pingali Venkaiah designed the Congress party flag, *not* the national flag.

      I have no control over MT or VMS. What makes you believe they will listen to my "advise"?

  13. Hello Jai ,

    This classic comment of yours on PP's blog got me here.

    'Yes, the Andhra plutocrats won the first round of this phase but can they win *all* rounds? Telangana needs to win only once'.

    Hopefully it just did. Congrats

    1. Anon, thanks.

      I guess Telangana is almost on the verge of winning this "match". I don't rule out some more surprises though.

  14. Email from Satish Chandra Kukreti:

    Congratulations for newly formed 29th State Telangana

  15. Dear satish ji, for ur kind information Telangana is not new state.....it was separate state way back 1956.....later it was merged. ...after andhra was trown out from than madras......n the term itself say 10 regions of telangana. ....Telangana n capital as Hyderabad......to achive telangana statewood ve sstruggle for 60 yrs with our so call our own Telugu people for every rights in all areas of jobs, opportunities; etc n today they claim Hyderabad theirs....like this if ve people of telangana keep quite like our elders than in future one day they will kick-off the all natives of Hyderabad-telangana out....jai Telangana jai Hyderabad. ... n thanks for ur greeting

    1. Siva,

      Thanks for your comment. As the comment was repeated three times, I deleted the duplicates.

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  18. Dear all, Telangana sons/daughters n one & all hoping all r watching the decimation strategies adopted by seemandhra leaders to divert the decision of telangana after 60yrs.....once again all including all the media most of seemandhra owners r trying to make us all once again fools with all falls allegations.....looks like once again ve all should get unite 'ONE' leaving away gender, caste, religion; etc n get together for One More million march, this time not only for the sake of telangana but for our heart of telangana-HYDERABAD. ....n not rest till ve achieve r die.....JAI TELANGANA, JAI JAI HYDERABAD.....come on our political leaders wakeup atleast now b4 its to late to something......Jai Telangana, JAI JAI HYDERABAD.....without our Hyderabad ve dont want our Telangana; lets once again all together start a fresh n lets show one n all n over the world.....who belongs to true Hyderabad of telangana with g8 history of 400yrs, n who got resettled for better lively wood. ....come on frds one n all lets join....our Hyderabadi nizam layback attitude have to atleast now brought to oneness n show what can ve all do together. .....jai Telangana, jai jai Hyderabad. ....atleast for our future generation better future. .....jai Telangana, jai jai Hyderabad. .....

  19. Hai Siva excatly, leaders won't come out but common public have to initiate for this revolution

  20. Hi Siva, Hyderabad is a part of Telangana both geographically and historically. Nobody can ever take it from Telangana. Now its our turn to wake up and stop and avoid the Seemandra's revolutionary ativities in Hyderabad. We are least bother about what they do in their own state (Andra pradessh). Now we should look forward for the development of our state Telangana. Jai Telangana

  21. Hi Shiva,

    Nobody can ever seperate Hyderabad from Telangana, as its a part of Telangana both geographically and historically. No its our turn to stop and avoid the seemandra's revolutionary activities in Hyderabad. We are least bothered about what they do in their own state (Andra Pradesh). Now we should only look forward for the development of Our State Telangana and its Capital Hyderabad. Jai Telanga...

  22. Yes no one can eye on Hyderabad capital of telangana n ve all together can make wonders.....hoping that our political parties atleast come now together and fight for single cause Hyderabad Telangana. ....jai Telangana jai jai Hyderabad. ...

  23. Few cheap folks for their own personal benefits if think by eliminating KCR they can close r put n end for Telangana people's movement struggle which has a history of about 60yrs like that of 400yrs history of Hyderabad of Telangana......I feel sorry for those......since if they think of eliminating one person their vl be few more hundreds thousands r say infinite taking up this cause forward. .....I petty this people for 3rd class thinking. ....jai Telangana jai jai Hyderabad

  24. Dear one n all, Telangana n seemandhra do give some and watch http://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=05y_vFFpQgI&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D05y_vFFpQgI%26feature%3Dyoutu.be the people's opinion. ....lets get separated atleast now for good of our both regions n for better future of all people s in both the region s : Jai Telangana + Jai seemandhra, try to understand what some of political business leaders r upto.....think see n think.....

  25. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05y_vFFpQgI&feature=youtube_gdata_player
    Jai sir plz replace this url in my previous post....thanku jai Telangana jai jai Hyderabad

  26. Our g8 CM time n again proved that he is not representing United Andhra Pradesh but is only representing the only one region that's seemandhra.....can he r anyone justify todays CM press meet after keeping dead quite for almost 9days....by the by he also proved that all the tension in seeseemandhra is run by CM n few anti business political leaders using poor peoples as weapons to fill hatred gap between both regions Telangana n seemandhra.......r such leaders of future generations.......shameful shameless leaders......just a reminder to one n all this day n now no one can stop/silence Telangana movement. .....Jai Telangana Jai Hyderabad jai jai.......

  27. Hope CM.....got all his doubts which his displayed yesterday in his press meet resolved after todays KCR press meet.....suggests if still he have any can ask or forward those to Antony community......KCR garu g8 review feedback to CM doubts, but do be careful ve Telangana people require g8 leaders like you even further since its just starting for independent Telangana.....after ur conclusion of todays press meet I observed a g8 breach in your security, with recent news of treats on your life by unknown peoples for their politically corrupted benefits......can take advantage of such situations KCR garu be careful n take appropriate measures......Jai Telangana Jai Jai Hyderabad......

    1. There is nothing new in Kiran Reddy's statement. He only said what we knew along i.e. Andhra is surviving only on Telangana surplus.

  28. Here time and again one more G8 seemandhra X-CM Chandra Babu Naidu also today displayed his true color like CM Kiran Reddy....that they are seemandhra leaders not United Andhra Pradesh......so all peoples atleast now wakeup n come together to fulfil our Telangana dream don't forget all the struggles of one n all.......this seemandhra leaders r always the same which we had seen over the yrs......come on lets take promise that ve all vl not rest until Telangana is demerger.....Jai Telangana Jai Jai Hyderabad......

  29. In last 3days 3 various parties heads In 3 different ways presented their displeasure views over Telangana statehood showcasing that all 3 below to seemandhras n support......seeing all this n no response from our so many Telangana leaders some were I feel that once again some plot is laying down to stop the demerger of separate Telangana state.....I pledged n request one n all of Telangana to leave all their differences n come to one agenda n fight for Telangana state like now r never.....since if ve r not successful now than I feel that those days r not far away when ve all natives of Hyderabad of Telangana have to leave Hyderabad n get resettle some were other than Hyderabad.......I am ready to do what ever is require to do for Hyderabad of Telangana. .....just think that today all seemandhra can get United for Hyderabad only because of all their own personal reasons like jobs education good facilities n some political leaders for their own interest like their properties business; etc......why cant ve all get United for our Hyderabad of Telangana. ......come on lets come together n fight for single cause r safety of Hyderabad of Telangana, JAI Telangana JAI JAI Hyderabad. ....

    1. Are you surprised? I am not.

      The main reason for the 1956 merger was Hyderabad. Would the Visalandhra demand come up if Potti Sreeramulu's demand for Madras as Andhra capital became a reality in 1953?

      The situation continues even after all these years.

      Personally speaking, I believe Hyderabad needs Telangana more than the other way round. Telangana will suffer somewhat without Telangana but Hyderabad can't survive without Telangana.

  30. Hi telangana people's hopefully next year today we all bl celebrating our Telangana freedom jai telangana jai Hyderabad.....I wish one and happy independence day.....freedom for all, freedom for all regions along the growth n prosperity......jai telangana jai jai Hyderabad......

  31. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfQImE9qGFo&feature=youtube_gdata_player; some actual facts of lanco chairman. ....few more to come

  32. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MuvcDj1uVYU&feature=youtube_gdata_player, few more facts....

  33. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzWKI8Q2-HI&feature=youtube_gdata_player

  34. Once its British ruler, later its nizam ruler today its our so called telugu seemandhra political rulers.....ve have struggle so many yrs, have gone through so much pain n possess such huge experience of facing above all rules....its now time to show what ve can do when United. ....come on together to struggle for once last time for our own rights our Telangana our Hyderabad. .....jai Telangana jai jai Hyderabad
    Watch n share.....


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